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TeleSentry's Whistleblower Hotline & Web Reporting Services

  • Provides a Secure, Anonymous and Reprisal Free Reporting Procedure
  • Protects Employees From Retaliation
  • Eliminates Liability Risk For Management and Board Members
  • Enhances Investor Confidence
  • Demonstrates a Commitment To Good Governance, Transparency & Fraud Protection

About TeleSentry

Our mission is to provide companies a rapdly deployed and fully defensible confidential communication channel that protects the anonymity of all employees. TeleSentry, a trusted name in security, supplies hundreds of thousands of employees, stockholders, volunteers and vendors of publicly traded companies and non-profit organizations a global, multi-lingual 24/7 anonymous reporting services.

For all non-profitsTeleSentry has set-up an exclusive anonymous hotline and web based reporting service. Incorporating anonymous reporting procedures will be an important step in establishing transparency and accountability for all non-profits.

TeleSentry Services

'Whistleblowers lose their jobs, suffer mistreatment by management and are subject to reprisal and ostracism by co-workers. We want our clients to encourage employees to expose wrongdoing as well as limit their liabilities so we always refer them to TeleSentry.'

Donald Klaskin...VP
Corporate Resolutions, Inc
'A whistleblower policy encourages staff and volunteers to come forward…. specifies that the organization will protect the individual from retaliation, and identifies those staff or board members or outside parties to whom such information can be reported.'
IRS form 990 call for the availability of a Whistleblower Policy.